Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot in Yellow!

There's nothing like a little yellow in your wardrobe, I swear it makes your day better! I love this top by MissPhit, and since I don't wear sleeveless tops, I thought I could put a short sleeve v-neck tee underneath. I used to have a similar top without the ruffles, and I wore a tee under it and it looked cool layered. You could also put a cute jacket over it, but you should try the tee idea too...I promise it rocks!

Get your accessories from Etsy too! I love these earrings!

(1) White V Neck Tee from Old Navy - Sizes 1X to 4X for $14.50
(2) Femme Yellow Ruffle Top by MissPhit - Sizes 1X to 3X for $36
(3) RobbieGee Rubby Slippers Earrings at Etsy for $85
(4) Dolce and Gabbana Easy Way Tote at Bag Borrow or Steal - $94/Week or $275/Month for Members or $134/Week or $354/Month for Guests
(5) JCrew Peep Toe Flats - Up to Size 11 for $89.99 (ON SALE!)
(6) Women's Diva Jeans at Old Navy - Sizes 16-30 for $39.50

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