Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Lady of Weight Loss - Great, Wonderful, Fantastic!

So I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, and ran across an article by Janice Taylor. She is an artist and writer who started "Our Lady of Weight Loss." Here's a little bit of her story from her site:

"Who is Our Lady? Where did she come from?" you ask. Janice wonders as well, "Is Our Lady a higher-power, the higher-self, the 'good' Mother that lives within each of us, or is she just a fig newton of her wild imagination? Does it really matter?"

What matters is that instead of eating crazy amounts of fried foods, heavily buttered bread and chocolate in any form, Janice was able to permanently remove over 50 pounds of excess weight 5 years ago.

I love some of her insights in to weight loss, she talks about "Permanently removing" weight, instead of weight loss...which she argues you can always find something that's simply been must permanently REMOVE it...I agree!!! I also love her idea, to CREATE ART, instead of eating. That's a PERFECT idea for us Etsians! Take a look at her site and her work, and let us all know what you think. I just purchased her book on Amazon, I'll let you all know what it's like!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Custom Dresses and Skirts on Etsy by Janebonbon

Ok Janebonbon just amazes me! Her designs on Etsy are just fabulous, and guess what?!!? She does Plus Sizes! In fact...she does custom sizing. How great! Her style is unique and fun, with a retro flare. I just love her whole store, and if I could warp back in time a couple of years I would have had her make my wedding dress. (Yeah...she does that TOO!!!) So I guess I'll just have to settle for some skirts and dresses, which is great to me. I look forward to placing an order with her, and I think you'll love her stuff too!
(1.) Applique Dress for $650
(2.) Custom Wool Skirt for $135
(3.) Red Polkadot Dress Custom Sizing for $79

Hot in Yellow!

There's nothing like a little yellow in your wardrobe, I swear it makes your day better! I love this top by MissPhit, and since I don't wear sleeveless tops, I thought I could put a short sleeve v-neck tee underneath. I used to have a similar top without the ruffles, and I wore a tee under it and it looked cool layered. You could also put a cute jacket over it, but you should try the tee idea too...I promise it rocks!

Get your accessories from Etsy too! I love these earrings!

(1) White V Neck Tee from Old Navy - Sizes 1X to 4X for $14.50
(2) Femme Yellow Ruffle Top by MissPhit - Sizes 1X to 3X for $36
(3) RobbieGee Rubby Slippers Earrings at Etsy for $85
(4) Dolce and Gabbana Easy Way Tote at Bag Borrow or Steal - $94/Week or $275/Month for Members or $134/Week or $354/Month for Guests
(5) JCrew Peep Toe Flats - Up to Size 11 for $89.99 (ON SALE!)
(6) Women's Diva Jeans at Old Navy - Sizes 16-30 for $39.50

Get Some Attitude With: mymy

Need a little boost in your step?  Well how about a cute pin or two on your bag, or just pin them all over your bulletin board at work!  These body positive pins by mymy are just the ticket. They're cute, colorful, and fun.  A little sense of humor is always good, and they may just make you smile every time you see them!  Which is worth a buck or two in my opinion.  Heck, I might just get tons of these if they can do that...  Check it out: mymy's Etsy Store

Welcome to fatsy!

Hey there Etsians!  Thanks for joining fatsy, or for checking us out.  We hope to add lots more information soon, and keep the blog hopin'!  If you would like to join please convo melissavest, or email us at  

Let us know what you would like fatsy to do.  Want to do group events?  Want plus size information about fashion?  List your ideas here...