Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Custom Dresses and Skirts on Etsy by Janebonbon

Ok Janebonbon just amazes me! Her designs on Etsy are just fabulous, and guess what?!!? She does Plus Sizes! In fact...she does custom sizing. How great! Her style is unique and fun, with a retro flare. I just love her whole store, and if I could warp back in time a couple of years I would have had her make my wedding dress. (Yeah...she does that TOO!!!) So I guess I'll just have to settle for some skirts and dresses, which is great to me. I look forward to placing an order with her, and I think you'll love her stuff too!
(1.) Applique Dress for $650
(2.) Custom Wool Skirt for $135
(3.) Red Polkadot Dress Custom Sizing for $79

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Carapace said...

What a great idea! Many's the time I've gone looking for clothes on Etsy, only to be stymied by the tyranny of tinieness! How can I find this group when I'm looking?